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Solar Energy?

Have you have ever considered switching your home or business to solar energy, but never were sure if it was the right time with the technology and rates? With today's technology, and the ever increasing electricity rates in our state,  now is the perfect time to consider solar energy!  Over the past 5 years solar energy has become more affordable than ever with the competitive industry of solar panel manufacturing. And with recent changes to the federal tax credits, your rebates are better than ever!

Solar energy is a quiet and clean energy source, and with no moving parts there is no maintenance to worry about.  Millions of Americans don't take advantage of the free, clean, renewable alternative that strikes their rooftops everyday!  With a few simple steps you can start taking advantage of natures resource, and save your family a ton of money every month!

With the advance of the Utah Solar Incentive Program now is the perfect time to convert your home or business to solar energy.  The Utah Public Service Commission is now offering an incentive ranging from $.072 to $1.15 per watt of installed PV!

Call us today to learn the facts about solar energy.  Our team of experts will explain the pros and cons of solar energy, and how we can save you money on your energy bill!

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Residential savings from $0.72 - $1.15 per watt installed! Call today to save on your next bill.

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